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Mike Brooks

Nuclear Chowder Marketing, LLC.

Director Consultant

My BusinessI help local business get customers on search engines and building their brand in social media so prospects are compelled to buy from them when they are looking for their product or service online. My company provides SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization and Management), Social media marketing, email marketing, hosting, website development and mobile website and app development. I also train and speak on these topics. We specialize in the 'big picture'. We look at our client's entire marketing strategy to make certain everything works together. We never sell a program a client does not need. I also run training programs on social media and other internet marketing strategies for companies who want to do it themselves. I started online back in 2006 by selling training to martial arts school owners on business practice. I understand how to sell and market online and bring that knowledge and expertise to my clients for maximum impact.

Ideal ReferralA local business who wants an internet marketing checkup. We offer free consultations to insure businesses are using the internet wisely and effectively.